Hi friends,

I'm presently sitting in the Phoenix Airport, after missing my connecting flight to Charlotte (final destination to Charlottesville) to visit my sweet momma.  Well, instead of getting there and snuggling my momma tonight, it looks like I won't get there until 9am tomorrow..... sooo, why not blog while I enjoy a glass of wine, and occasionally people watch and make random conversation with the willing?!  It's seriously been a crazy week, and at this point all I can do is laugh.  Life is like that sometimes.  I could easily stomp my feet and breath heavily like the impatient child-man sitting next to me on my last flight, but I'm gonna chose to smile and make the best of it instead.  Life is an adventure.  We chose the destination.

And that brings me to sharing this engagement session, which I am especially excited to show off because the people in it are extremely close to my heart.  The studly man you see here happens to be my younger brother, who grew up way too fast for my liking and is now about 7 inches taller than me, and an actual MAN.  Who knew?! lol.  The same kid who made everyone laugh uncontrollably with his wit, and who charmed everybody around him just by flashing his pearly whites is now engaged to an amazing woman and a father of two beautiful girls.  Yes, time flies by too quickly, but... I couldn't be happier for them, and the pride I feel for him is unreal.

His stunning fiance, Lindsey, is the sister I always dreamed of having.  She's incredibly real, strong, amazingly sweet, and seriously fun...  and her daughter, Zoe, instantly became my little buddy with her keen fashion sense and awesome attitude; not to mention, she's an amazing big sis to her new baby sis, Lucia.  She came right from softball practice to the shoot, so she was sporting her adorable uniform which I thought was perfect, because it perfectly captures her awesome personality.  Lucia is the spittin image of my brother as a baby, with her bright, big eyes and expressive personality... I can already tell how smart and hilarious she's going to be.  Have I mentioned how in love with them I am?!  I can't help it, I would think they were incredible human beings even if they weren't related; everyone else I know agrees.

Alex and Lindsey are set to get married on August 6th, at the Sonoma Depot Hotel in our beautiful hometown.  No doubt, it will be a gorgeous day and super fun...  especially since I'll get to really soak it in (I'm taking the day "off" as the wedding photographer so I can be a there as a bridesmaid...but you know me, I'll probably bring my camera anyway!)  So, you know, since I'm not shooting their wedding, I insisted on taking their engagement photos, and wanted to get some shots of their adorable family while we were at it...  so we gathered at the Depot Park, across the street from their venue, for a family-friendly session.... and we were lucky enough to have their friend's Ford Victoria for a "prop," which was super cool!

Anyway, I could seriously ramble forever since I'm stuck in an airport bored out of my mind, but I'll spare you the novel.  I now present to you, my brother's engagement photos! :)